Pet Peeves

A pet peeve is something specific that annoys and bugs you (, 2020).  What are some of your pet peeves?  What are the little things that drive you crazy, that maybe don’t bother other people as much?  

Most of mine have to do with driving.  It bothers me when cars are on the freeway in the far left lane but they are going really slow.  Lately a lot of cars have been turning on their windshield wipers and spraying me on a normal street through town.  I feel like this is inconsiderate because it affects the cars around them and it drives me crazy.  

So, did you think of any of your pet peeves?  When I was teaching one pet peeve I heard was if the student in front of you flips her or his hair up and it falls onto your desk.  Anything that invades your personal space can certainly be a pet peeve.  

One last pet peeve I have is when people think that they get sick from cold weather.  Please watch the short video below for more information.  (I stop the video at 3:30 “I think it’s time for another dip.”)  Enjoy.


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