Egocentrism is children’s tendency to see the world from their own perspective and not see other people’s point of view.  They aren’t trying to be selfish or rude.  Preschoolers don’t understand that other people have different thoughts and feelings than they do (Berger, 2018; Feldman, 2014).


If there is a game that they want to play, it has to be played their way.  Why wouldn’t their friends want to play family or superheroes like they do?  It’s the best game to play.  These children see things from their point of view and they think others do too.  During hide-and-seek with a 3-year-old, she may stand in plain sight and cover her face with a pillow because she thinks that if she can’t see you, you can’t see her.  Everything is from her perspective.  Of course, there are some adults who are still like this too (Feldman, 2014).


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